Judith, also known as Jude, is a Laughter Ambassador with Laughter Yoga International, she has been a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader since February 2011. Judith is undergoing her Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Training in Bangalore, India, with Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of the Global Laughter Yoga Movement, in January/February 2019, after which she looks forward to training others to become Laughter Yoga Leaders.

Laughter Yoga has been life changing for Judith on many levels of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature. ‘It has opened up my inner and outer worlds, opening a lens. The ‘present moment’ joy experienced in laughter yoga has been truly transformative for me, allowing me to sense and feel, give and receive, be inspired and to inspire, to create, flow and share, with more ease. In addition to this connection with self and a sense of community with others, I have also experienced a number of significant physical health benefits.

Following a major health crisis in 2016, the one major factor that remained was brain fog, which was crushing to my confidence and social skills as I was embarrassed at not being able to function as well and as clearly as before and not remember things well. The health benefits of laughter yoga have brought my mental clarity back, as well as greatly improving my energy levels. Waking in the mornings used to be like waking on empty, now I spring into action!’ Thrilled with these and many other transformative experiences, Judith loves to share the amazing tools of Laughter Yoga with people from all walks of life and in many different situations.

Judith leads regular Laughter Yoga sessions across Kapiti & Horowhenua, including co-leading our local Laughter Club. She has presented laughter yoga to various different organisations, teams, groups and settings in mental health, intellectual disability, education, women’s wellness/retreats, womens centre, spiritual retreat, retirement villages with seniors, early childhood. Cultivating and motivating teams, growing team spirit and creativity, providing memorable experiences, breaking down barriers and inhibitions, are all aspects Judith loves to offer through Laughter Yoga.

Her passion and experience with Laughter Yoga allows her to adapt her skills to any environment or group no matter how small or large, including one to one coaching, training, holistic health education and speaking. Judith’s audience span continues to grow as awareness of Laughter Yoga in New Zealand and knowledge of people’s experience of it widens and deepens.

Judith promotes self-empowerment, self-love and vibrant health and living through Laughter Yoga. ‘When we take responsibility and care for ourselves, there is more of us to give and share with others and we can live, love and laugh fully.’ She is committed to sharing from her heart and soul and helping to bring sustainable health, happiness and peace to individuals and in turn rippling out to the world, as this is a mission Judith is truly in alignment with. Come along and enjoy the journey.