What is a Laughter Club?: Laughter Clubs are social clubs that are free for everyone around the world to join and laugh together.  They normally last an hour and combine laughing, breathing, clapping and childlike playfullness.  Finishing with a free flowing laughter meditation and deep relaxation into stillness.  Everyone is welcome and everyone experiences wonderful health benefits by attending regularly.  Depending on where people meet, there is sometimes a shared contribution towards the cost of hiring a hall.

Find a Laughter Club: To find a Laughter Club in your area please Click here and enter your country state and city.

Training: In order to start a Laughter Club you need to be trained as Laughter Leader. To find Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings worldwide, please Click Here.

Skype Laughter Club: If you do not have a Laughter Club in your area, you can join Skype Laughter Club Click here to find the details.

Laughter Clubs in New Zealand:  We have clubs in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin.  We would love to have a Laughter Club in every town and city so that everyone can experience more health and happiness.  If you are interested in training as a leader please contact us.